Sunday, 27 May 2012

hyep . as'salam
arghh , Holiday time :))
u know what i'm proud to be sestarians
i'm just proud yokeyh but i don't want to stay here anymore
seriously , i don't want :PP
it's holiday i feel like out from jail , FREEDOM for two weeks , jyeah . The rule here , arghh DAMN IT . our principals ouh soooo grrrrr +_+ . arghh , don't want to stay here too long , want to school at DARY , someone wait for me there . :DD . i ask my friend to decide what i should do but they don' want to , arghh boy what i should do , i'm stress here . ohh , no ! boy also make me miserable . I must throw this miserable thing that always haunting my mind . i don't think i can :( . Today is the last day im thinking about boy , i don't want to know about boy anymore . i came to your life with thousand smile and i can do it if i want go out from there . Love is horrible for girl like me so if i can't stand with it , i will run far away :) oh boy please hold your heart tightly , so , i can't take it anymore . arghh , i don't want to fallen with you anymore , your heart is fragile gift n i'm the rock that will break it :( i'll stop remind our sweet memories thing that will make me miss you . i'll renew this heart so now , no one can't be hero for my drama queen :) it such as wedding that don't have bridegroom . people said that love is the master key that can opens the gate of happiness . but it not for me , i don't know why they call it heartbreak . it feels like every part of my body is broken too when see you with other girl :( if i love something , i must let it go , if it comes back to be it means it owned me . if it doesn't then it was never meant to be :(